About us

The fullfilment of dreams!

Matterstone’s goal is to make you feel better! ​With our professional knowledge, our quality coverings, we support your ideas to realize your dreams and goals! 

Our products are concrete / lightweight concrete panels. They are time-resistant, frost-proof and fire resistant. 1.2 to 1.8 to 2.3 cm thick. They can be glued and screwed.

You can use our products in:

Residential areas: fences, pool covers, plinths, facades, retaining walls, entrances, halls, staircases, working rooms, bathrooms, living-kitchen dining rooms, bedrooms, terraces, etc.

Business areas: restaurants, hotels, conference rooms, banks, portals, offices, swimming pools, wellness and saunas, etc.

It means pleasure, if You choose Matterstone’s quality products, because it is our honour and task to help creating
the design space of Your wishes and dreams.

In development, we pay particular attention to the selection of high quality raw materials.

We have developed the Mattersone varnish for larger requisitioning​ areas of application which ensures protection against water-time effects higher than average and protects the coatings with anti-graffiti protection.

Matterstone's goal: We want you to enjoy yourselves in your favorite places and for a long time to enjoy your surroundings.

Matterstone Life Concrete - The fullfilment of dreams